Half a day with the samis and their reindeers

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Alicia and Nadege

Today we dived into the culture of samis and their reindeers thanks to Henrik and her wife.
They came and picked us up with their sledges and we travelled up to their home like the nomads used to do. It was slow and safe and we had time to enjoy the forest and the nature around us.
Once arrived we thanked Rocky, David, Blue, Silver and Boyo for their effort to pull us with their strength with some lychens.
Then Henrik explained us the traditions of the herders and their reindeers, the typical clothes and the North Sami region.

Be careful never to ask a sami how many reindeers he has! This is taboo! It is like asking for salary.
Also good to know if you meet a lost reindeer: look at his earshape/earmark and you will know to whom he belongs.
Here not only males but also females have antlers to protect their babies when they are small; when the babies are big enough the females lose their antlers which grow again for the next season.

To finish this beautiful traditional tour we met together in a Lavvu (Swedish Tipi) to enjoy a tipical Sami meal: bouillon with reindeer meat followed by hot drink with cloudberries.

Thank you very much for this adventure which made us experienced the life of this very ancient and still very alive Sami community!

During the last winter all the chalets at Rajamaa have been renovated to meet the demands of today. They are now what we, in Sweden call, hotel-chalets. 
This major investment has been made possible by the support of the European Union, through the funds for Rural Development.