How long can you enjoy winter at Rajamaa?

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Axel Malmström

The two most common questions we get here at Rajamaa are the following:

When does winter season end and what time of the year can you see the northern lights?
The last days of April the huge amount of snow starts to melt and in mid-May the ice in the river cracks up. May is therefore not a good time to visit Rajamaa.
The time between Mid-March and beginning of May the locals call spring winter. Then the days are longer, sunnier and warmer. If you ask Scandinavians they will all tell You that March until the beginning May is the best time of the year to enjoy Lapland.
Rajamaa had not had a single day above 0 degrees Celsius since 10th of October. That means that all snow that comes during winter also stays. It will start to melt the last days of April.

To see the Northern lights you need clear weather and dark skies. At Rajamaa you have dark skies until the end of April. In April it only gets dark a couple of hours and eventually only dark blue. Three weeks before and after midsummer you have the midnight sun with daylight 24/7. That means you have good chances of seeing the northern lights from September to end of April. Statistically there is a peak by the Equinoxes. That means end of March and end of September.
Why not try spring winter this season? There is still possible to book an unforgettable holiday this year. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions or booking request.
These pictures are taken yesterday 16 of March by Michael Törnkvist.

During the last winter all the chalets at Rajamaa have been renovated to meet the demands of today. They are now what we, in Sweden call, hotel-chalets. 
This major investment has been made possible by the support of the European Union, through the funds for Rural Development.

With support of the Regional Development Fund and Leader Tornedalen,
we have created a new product The Arctic Canoe Route.