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by Claudia, Reisegruppe Schwalbe

Hello again, we are back! We are a group of 7 people from Switzerland. Finally, we are back in Lapland in summertime! From Zurich we had via Stockholm to Kiruna. There we took over a bus and a car from the rental station. Until Monday we were in Kiruna and then we stayed almost two weeks in Rajamaa. It is so wonderful here! But, dhe temperatures are a bit fresh; until last week were 27°, now there are only 10°. Nevertheless we grill sausages at the Pitkänsaarenpää, take photos of the deep blue river and the beautiful surroundings in so many green colors. On the night of Monday, 21.8.2018 on Tuesday we had a special evening adventure. With our host Lars we spent a night at the “Bearhut”. We had to be absolutely quiet there, as the bears have excellent hearing and a very good sense of smell. To our big surprise came three different bears, which we could observe while eating. We were so impressed by their size and could shoot countless photos of them.

During the last winter all the chalets at Rajamaa have been renovated to meet the demands of today. They are now what we, in Sweden call, hotel-chalets. 
This major investment has been made possible by the support of the European Union, through the funds for Rural Development.

With support of the Regional Development Fund and Leader Tornedalen,
we have created a new product The Arctic Canoe Route.