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by John on kesäkuu 29, 2009

You will since today me abel to find a "Catch Report" from Rajamaa about the fish we catch in the river and from some of our lakes during the summer.
Not all fish will be reported, so if you want a more specific information about the fishing please contact Rajamaa for more information.

You will be abel to find the Catch Report in the "About Rajamaa" section.

by John on kesäkuu 29, 2009

The fishing season have now started on Rajamaa and the first fishing week is to its end.
The fishing this week has mostly been about pike fishing with our 4 french gentlemen.

The fishing last week was quite hard, we had a quite strong wind from the north the most of the days and the fish didint wanted to eat.
We got a couple of pikes between 75-80 cm during the week and 1 pike on 92 cm.

But the wind have now changed and at the same time the temperature have been rising up to +25´c.
The fish has at the same time started to get more active, a gralying on 55 cm and also quite many smaler once where catched during the weekend.

by John on kesäkuu 09, 2009

Today was the first day of fishing in the river for Grayling.
The water has been sinking rapidly the last 5-6 days and the fish starts to get active also in the river.

The water temperature in the river today is +9´C so the fish was mostly catched by nymph, but there was also later in the eavning some fish rising on dry flyes.

by John on toukokuu 28, 2009

Today was the first day of fishing for Grayling and Trout this summer.
Because of the high water level in the river at the moment we chose to fish for grayling and trout in the lakes close to Rajamaa.

We had Wind from the north and +6-8´c today so unfortunetly there is no fish to report in from our first trip this year.

But it seems to be better weather later this week so hoppefully the fishing will get better then.

by Lars on toukokuu 25, 2009

"If Erik wears a fur , and Urbanus wear a shirt" then it will be a good summer. So is the old saying in Lapland. Today is the day of St Urbanus and we can feel summer coming. The leaves on the birches are like "mouse-ears" and the grass is getting greeen, which is very popular among our sheep.
To remember last summer we show some pictures from the groups of 2008.

by Lars on toukokuu 04, 2009

The ice is breaking in the Muonio River. The ice from the rapids Äijäkoski have come down the river and are now stuck just under Rajamaa. The pictures are from the the parts around the island Kipparisaari, where the ice probably will be stuck for a day or two. It is about one week earlier than "normal".
Pictures taken by Kaisu.

by Lars on huhtikuu 18, 2009

Pictures of Karmelo and Mikel from Irun in Basque Country.

by Lars on huhtikuu 18, 2009

Nous avons partagé une bonne soupe dans son repère lapon en compagnie de son fils. Une bonne flambée nous a permis de nous réchauffer dans cet environnement froid et hostile.
Nous remercions Jouni de nous avoir fait découvrir son quotidien avec sincérité.

Aujourd´hui balade en raquettes dans la taïga suedoise sur les traces du Yeti. Nous ne l´avons pas trouvé (ouf...) !
Pause casse croûte autour d´un bon feu de bois.

De retour de notre expédition, un bon sauna en compagnie de nos amis italiens dans leur plus simple appareil. Puis roulade dans la neige pour Denise et Caroline.
En début de soirée, les esprits lapons se sont manifestés sous la forme d´une aurore boréale.
Splendide, magnifique, top méga cool, bellissima, marvellous, wunderbar, maravilloso !!!!!

by Lars on huhtikuu 18, 2009

Group de UCPA de 15/3 - 22/3

Un petit mot de Caroline : c´est la fin de la semaine et je ne veux pas partir !!!! Quels moments merveilleux dans ces paysages uniques...

Thank you very much.
Wonderful holidays! The best thing? Lars and keisu! U don´t feel like a customer but like a friend at Rajamaa. Florent

Hier nous avons visité l´élevage de rennes de Jouni. Il nous a emmené dans son désert blanc à la découverte du peuple rennes.

by Lars on huhtikuu 18, 2009

Pictures by Virginie et Pierre-Yves from France:


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During the last winter all the chalets at Rajamaa have been renovated to meet the demands of today. They are now what we, in Sweden call, hotel-chalets. 
This major investment has been made possible by the support of the European Union, through the funds for Rural Development.