Vissen in Lapland

Imagine a clear stream with swirling insects on the water, and the graylings rising up to snap them. Imagine a remote lake, in the middle of the endless Taiga forest, and the heavy pound of the pike to your lure, deep down there somewhere. Imagine the midnight-sun over the never resting rapids of the mighty River Muonio, and your fly drifting down the pool, and the salmon.....

The area by Rajamaa is dominated by the mighty River Muonio, with its smaller side streams, all possible to wade in the summer. This is the home-land of the Arctic Grayling, the “Lady of the stream”.

Lapland has many lakes that hold a lot of pike and perch. Some lakes are better fished from the shore, some from boat. This fishing can be done both with fly and with lure.

The mighty River Muonio is famous for the biggest salmon in Europe. From its feeding area in the south Baltic Sea, it rises far above the Arctic Circle.

This is fishing in Lapland. Clean, clear waters and wild strong fish. And we fish around the clock, as the Midnight Sun never sets.

Rajamaa arranges high quality, full-package fishing adventures, always with professional guiding. This will guarantee our guests a great time in Lapland, where Catch & Release, with barb-less single hook is a natural thing.