Fishing in Lapland

Imagine a clear stream with swirling insects on the water, and the graylings rising up to snap them. Imagine a remote lake, in the middle of the endless Taiga forest, and the heavy pound of the pike to your lure, deep down there somewhere. Imagine the midnight-sun over the never resting rapids of the mighty River Muonio, and your fly drifting down the pool, and the salmon.....

Fishing in Lapland is a dream come true. A forest without end, countless lakes, mile after mile of winding streams and impressive rivers. All with clear pure water, full of wild, strong, arctic fish. A generous Midnight-sun that never sets and the best of all: Everything is there for You to explore!

The Tornio River system is the longest, free running river in Europe, 540 km southwards from the Scandian Mountains to the Baltic Sea. No constructions, no dams, no power stations, just a long free wild river shifting between calm parts and faster rapids. Winding through the endless Taiga-forest.

This river system forms the border that unites Sweden with Finland. On an island, in the part named River Muonio, You will find Rajamaa. Sweden on one side, Finland on the other, and fishing-water everywhere, lakes and rivers. No wonder that Team Rajamaa has been taking care of devoted fishing guests from all over Europe, since the start 1986.

Rajamaa organizes high-quality, full-package fishing adventures, always with professional guiding. This guarantees our guests great fishing experiences in Lapland.
We specialize on three arctic fishes ARCTIC GRAYLING, ARCTIC PIKE and BALTIC SALMON.

Below You can find our programs and prices, for the coming season. Prices are for a full-package week, and depend on how many fishermen that go with one guide.
But if You don’t have any fishing friend to go with You can find new friends on one of our fixed departures with fixed prices. Please see the dates under each program.

To ensure a nice fishing experience, we have limited the amount of fishing permits sold.

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