Winter Adventures

Winter in Lapland is for real. The vast forests are covered with white, fluffy snow and the temperature stays below zero, for months. Lapland invites you to take part in this great adventure.

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Fishing Adventures in Lapland

Imagine a clear stream with swirling insects on the water, and the graylings rising up to snap them. Imagine a remote lake, in the middle of the endless Taiga forest, and the heavy pound of the pike to your lure, deep down there somewhere. Imagine the midnight-sun over the never resting rapids of the mighty River Muonio, and your fly drifting down the pool, and the salmon…..

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Wildlife Adventures

Silently looking out, from the hide, into the light Lapland night . Everything is still, not a bird, only the silent Taiga Forest. Then, like a phantasy, the huge bear comes out behind the trees. The stream is like a mirror reflecting the summer sky. And then, the smooth surface of the water breakes. The hard-working beaver, has still something to do, before the working-day is over.