Summer in Lapland

A sun that never sets. A never-ending forest with blue lakes and clear rivers. A wilderness waiting to be explored.

During May the days get longer and longer, and then, when June begins, the sun does not set at all, but shines through the night. Still the trees are naked and there is no fresh vegetation. But, one morning in June, summer decides to come, and before evening the trees have leaves and the grass is green. Just like that. In one day.
Everything is growing and blossoming in the great Taiga Forest now. Birds are feeding their small ones on the famous mosquitoes of Lapland, and the animal youngsters are getting bigger every day.

Slowly the fresh green gets a full, mature tone, and by 10th of July the sun dips under the horizon by midnight. Still the August nights are full of light for another month before the first dusk.
When September begins, the wonderful colors of the Lapland can are everywhere. Trees, herbs and berry bushes all flow with yellow, orange and red, a time called “Ruska” in Lapland. Now there is darkness in the night and this is e very good time to see the Aurora Borealis. This time of the year it is frequent and the nights are often clear and crispy.

By October the Lapland nature starts to prepare for winter. But that is another story.


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