Covid - Safe and sound in Lapland! (updated 20.12.2023)

These are our measures taken regarding Covid-19 and travel restrictions that might follow:

  • Your stay at Rajamaa

    • During the season there are maximum 25-30 guests  at Rajamaa.
    • ALL ACTIVITIES, during the week, will take place in the wilderness around Rajamaa.

    Hygiene and health care

    • The chalets are cleaned between clients, as always before, according to scandinavian standards.
    • Restaurant, including sauna and lavatoires are, as always, cleaned every day, according to Scandinavian standards.
    • We have free healthcare for all EU/EES citizens. Nearest hospital, and pharmacy is only 10 minutes away.
    • Please bring Your EU Health Insurance Card, and  see to that You have a valid travel insurance!

    Book with confidence

    • You will be refunded if there will be any new border-restrictions that don’t allow You to come to Lapland.

    If You have any questions regarding the information above, please do not hesitate to contact us at Rajamaa!     or use the contact-form above!